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The key to longevity depends on oneself

The key to longevity depends on oneself

The key to longevity depends on his own money. When he was studying at Tsinghua University in his early years, his body was not very good.

His teacher Ma John is the founder of Tsinghua University’s sports and an outstanding sports educator in modern China.

Under the guidance of this mentor, Qian Weichang actively participated in long-distance running, hurdling and other sports. After several years, his physical fitness was greatly enhanced, and he also cultivated interest and habits for sports.

For the next few decades, Qian Lao insisted on physical exercise.

It is said that when he was in his seventies, he once participated in the long-distance running of Tsinghua University and ran 20,000 meters in one breath.

Although Qian Lao has been over 90 years old, he still has to walk 3,000 steps a day.

He said that you can’t eat the old body.

In his later years, he was brilliant, his mind was flexible, his memory was amazing, and the ancient poetry and poetry he had read in his youth could still be reversed.

  Qian Lao believes that to be diligent, to persist in serving the people and doing useful work for the society, it is more conducive to health and longevity.

“Many scholars, artists, and scientists work for life.

People who sneak into the negative are prone to aging.

“Everyone wants to live longer, so what can be done to live longer?”

Qian Lao has made a thorough consideration of this issue.

He said: “Where is the longevity coming from?

Relying on medicine and relying on diet therapy can only be some supplementary measures or conditions.

Practice has proved that the key to longevity depends on oneself.

“Longevity 4 points Why do you say that longevity depends on yourself?

Qian Lao made an incisive preliminary on this, which generally includes the following points.

  First, believe in yourself.

  Qian Lao believes that to maintain health and overcome disease, you must have confidence and you can’t lose confidence at any time.

He said: “Scientists say that human life can reach 150 years old, and most people in real life can only live to be under 90 years old. Therefore, the potential of human life is very large, and this potential should be tapped.

To do this, you should first be confident.

Some people were misdiagnosed as cancer, lost their confidence, and their spirits collapsed. They didn’t have any serious illnesses, but they lost their lives.

On the contrary, some people can be treated correctly after the terminal illness, and unremitting struggle with the disease, the result miraculously survived.

“Second, convince yourself.

  Life is not easy, it may be rough, and even a fatal blow.

The most important thing at this time is to be committed to revitalizing yourself and to have the courage to overcome setbacks and difficulties. Never be pessimistic and desperate.

Qian Lao said well: “There is a lack of moon and clearness in the moon, and people have a good fortune.”

The waves in life are bound to cause ups and downs in the emotional world. If you don’t control well, you will lose your life.

Look at this world, how many people are involved in the waves of feelings and can not extricate themselves, and finally end up with a light life.

When I know the philosophy of ‘the sorrow and the blessing of the blessings, the blessings of the blessings.’

“Third, find yourself.

  People are self-aware, and it is difficult to be self-aware.

People need to understand their own shortcomings, but also to understand their strengths and strengths, especially their potential.

Qian Lao pointed out: “It is easy for people to discover the world and discover others, and they often ignore themselves.

A person who can find himself can constantly adjust himself, transform himself, update himself, and develop, strengthen and consolidate himself.

This will overcome difficulties, overcome disease, and ultimately win longevity.
Fourth, conquer yourself.
  Growing up and growing up can’t follow the trend of the old road, and dare to go their own way.

Qian Lao clearly pointed out: “Envy others, imitate others, and ignore their roles. This is the most common problem people have.

Only by conquering oneself can we let the flowers bloom and fall, and we can use the tenacious vitality to face it.

In the anti-rightist movement of 1957 and the subsequent Cultural Revolution, Qian Lao himself had all sorts of blows, and he was exhausted and tired of his children.

As a well-known expert and scholar, he did not even have a college or a higher education in his or her children. For all of this, money can be taken care of, and even people ask about such problems.Always smile lightly.

With his own physical health and spiritual outlook, Qian Lao eloquently proved his assertion that longevity depends on himself.

Explore the diet secrets of the world’s five longevity townships

Explore the diet secrets of the world’s five longevity townships

Since ancient times, there have been people looking for a recipe for longevity, and some scholars want to discover the mystery of longevity from those who live long life.

There is a famous five longevity townships in the world: Georgia’s Outer Caucasus, Pakistan’s Hunza, Ecuador’s Birkabamba, China’s Xinjiang’s Hetian and China’s Guangxi’s Bama.

  Internationally recognized genetic inheritance, geography and living environment, social background, and eating habits are the four key factors for longevity.

The reason why the elderly in the world’s five longevity towns can live longer, in addition to genetics, the environment and other factors, a very important reason to promote their health is: light diet, reasonable, balanced nutrition.

  After summing up, we can find out the common characteristics of the five longevity people’s eating habits: the usual attention to the hungry and longevity is just around the corner: the food is not enough, they are converted into 1640 kcal per person per day, which is significantly lower than the average daily average of 2400 kcal.Standard.

It is equivalent to 74 that the average elderly can migrate.


  In the five longevity townships of omnivorous foods, there are two places where corn is the staple food. There are three places with semolina and potatoes, beans and other miscellaneous grains as the main food, which fully plays the complementary role of protein.

  There are four places where people drink cows, goat’s milk, eat a small amount of beef, lamb, eat eggs, tofu, protein intake is appropriate, and vegetarian, mainly foraging.

  The food is light in salt and low in sugar. It is mainly cooked in vegetable oil and eats less animals.

This eating habit greatly reduces the incidence of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and cancer.

  Eat more vegetables, fruits and foods that can play a health role like the old Caucasians who drink yogurt all year round, eat a lot of onions, and eat figs, honey, walnuts, etc., the elderly over 100 years old eat more than 1 kg of fruit per day.

76%, 91% of those who ate for more than 6 months a year.


  In addition, the diet characteristics of some two elderly people in Changshou Township include: using various kinds of beans, potatoes, rice to exchange or supplement, with melon seedlings, potato leaves, bitter ink, wild rattan, mangosteenFor vegetables, and eat all kinds of wild fruits and fruits; Hetian is over 100 years old and the old people are corn, flour, rice, beef, mutton and milk, eggs as the main food, vegetables become cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, carrotsOnion-based, plus fruit throughout the year.

Can facial paralysis be cured? The best way to recommend facial paralysis

Can facial paralysis be cured? The best way to recommend facial paralysis

Can you face the cure?

Many friends who have not met before, are afraid of being embarrassed on their bodies, because seeing other people’s facial paralysis will be accompanied by a lifetime. If they are themselves, they will be very worried. Can the face be cured?

How to cure?

Experts introduce you to facial masks that can be cured and introduce ways to treat facial paralysis.

The best method for recommending facial paralysis 1. Acupuncture treatment method This method is mainly applied to patients with mild facial paralysis. The effect of healing is achieved by acupuncture points. Early facial paralysis can be thoroughly treated.

2, the treatment of drugs: two types of facial drugs: 1) glucocorticoids, which is a common method for the treatment of facial paralysis, usually can prevent tissue degeneration, prevent skin convulsions, reduce the occurrence of jointsIn order to prevent further deterioration of the condition, we must change in advance before neurodegeneration.

2) Antiviral drugs: Antiviral drugs can inhibit the disease, relieve the disease, and resist the replication of the virus, inhibiting the synthesis of the virus, thus: ribavirin, acyclovir, intravenous infusion of saline, ribavirin, interferon, Chinese medicine Banlangen and so on.

3, local physiotherapy can use hot compress, 4 times a day, or local infrared physiotherapy methods to promote blood circulation of the face and accelerate the absorption of drugs.

4, surgical treatment of general facial paralysis can use facial nerve disconnection, this method can get a good force, but patients with long pathological time, this method is not much effect.

Experts will introduce this to you. I believe that you will have one of the above methods. It is necessary to choose according to the situation of the disease. It must be treated in the most timely manner so that the treatment can be treated.The best effect, if you have been N years later, then give up these treatments and seek a beauty method.

Tongtian point, clearing heat and hurricane, Tongli snot

Tongtian point, clearing heat and hurricane, Tongli snot

It belongs to the sun bladder.

Passing through, the top of the day is the top of the head, the hole is in the head, and the top is on the top, so the name is Tongtian.

Accurate position: Tongtian acupoint is in the head, the current hairline is straight up 4 inches, and the side is opened 1.

5 inch.

Function: Qingre hurricane, Tongli snot.

Indications: Indications for head, nose and mouth, such as headache, head weight, dizziness, stuffy nose, nose, nose, face swelling, mouth, tinnitus, strong, suffocating, wheezing, sputum, dizziness, nose, anxious, chronic rhinitis, head pain, mouth, blood stasis, mad walking, sputum, sputum, blindness, glaucoma, cataract and other symptoms of imperfections, modern and more use Tongtian acupoints to treat rhinitis, hypertension, facial paralysis, stroke sequelae, enuresis, heel pain, sequelae of cerebrovascular disease, trigeminal neuralgia, facial muscle tension, olfactory disturbance, rhinitis, paranasal sinusitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc.

Acupoint compatibility: Tongtian distribution pool, Kunlun, there is the role of hurricane heat and analgesia, the main head vertigo; Tongtian with Yingxiang, Shangxing, the role of clearing heat Tongli nose, attending nose, nose sores;Among the people, Neiguan, there is the role of returning to the sun, the main body is collapsed; Tongtian with the wind pool, Yintang, Shangxing, Yingxiang, cure rhinitis; Tongtian with Yingxiang, Hegu, Sibai, cure nasal flow clear; TongtianWith Baihui, Fengchi, Sun, Hegu, and headache.

Yu point operation: flat thorn 0.


5 inches, localized with a feeling of soreness.

Ai moxibustion 3 Zhuang; or Moxa moxibustion 5?
10 minutes.

Stepping on cobblestone fitness is not suitable for everyone.

Stepping on cobblestone fitness is not suitable for everyone.

We often see people who exercise on cobblestoned roads, especially those who are old.

Walking on the cobblestone road often, exercise, etc., have a certain burden on improving the balance of the human body and the flexibility of the body, and also have a certain relief effect on complications such as hypertension.

However, it is also worth noting that the way to step on the cobblestone fitness is not suitable for everyone. If you do not analyze the blindly “follow the wind”, it will not be the purpose of fitness, but will cause harm to the health of people, especially the elderly.

  Due to human body degradation and other reasons, more and more people are suffering from osteoporosis and degenerative bone and joint defects, and the affected patients are elderly.

If these people choose to go pebbles, be sure to control the time of fitness.

This is because osteoporosis causes a decrease in the hardness of the roots of the human body. If walking or exercising on a hard rock, it is easy to cause bone damage.

Patients with degenerative bone and joint defects are mainly caused by symptoms of hyperosteogeny, including ligaments, joint capsule relaxation, and degeneration of soft bones.

If such patients take too long on the pebbles, it will aggravate the wear and tear of the joints of the human body, which may cause swelling and pain of the knee joints, causing health damage.

Therefore, walking on cobblestone pavement, exercise, etc., must control the time, it is appropriate to walk 15 minutes each morning and evening.

At the same time, attention should be paid to avoid falls, sprains, etc. caused by bumps on the road surface and slippery.

There are some common symptoms in the early stage of astigmatism

There are some common symptoms in the early stage of astigmatism

In developing countries, about 70% to 80% of office white-collar workers have visual fatigue.

Generally speaking, everyone is accustomed to attribute visual fatigue to excessive use of the eye, not paying attention to eye hygiene, and long-term gaze at the computer screen without blinking.

Astigmatism is a very common eye disease. It has a lot of damage to vision. So are there some common symptoms in the early stage?

Common symptoms in early astigmatism, visual acuity reduction astigmatism is also called non-focus eye, so visual decline is one of the clinical symptoms of astigmatism, only to a very small extent, the optometric optometry of the physiological range can be normal.

The type and extent of astigmatism has a direct impact on vision.

Second, visual fatigue on the retina of the astigmatism can not be concentrated as a focus, so whether you look far or near is unclear, often by changing the adjustment or the eyelids into a crack, the effect is to make the eye refractive systemThe focal length of the Shi’s cone is shortened to approach the minimum diffusing circle, which achieves a slightly clearer vision, but is liable to cause visual fatigue.

Visual fatigue is also a clinical symptom of astigmatism.

Third, fuzzy vision blur is closely related to the degree and manner of astigmatism.

People with mild astigmatism usually have normal vision, but headaches, eye strain and blurred vision may occur when looking at objects at some distance.

People with severe astigmatism are unclear and distorted.

It’s not very clear when you look at the distance. If you work at a close distance, you will have a long time, that is, you will have a headache and read or have a ghost.

Fourth, the clinical symptoms of fundus examination, the nipple is oval, the edge is not good, and the fuzzy state of the upper and lower sides and the edge.

Astigmatism can be divided into irregular astigmatism and regular astigmatism.

Irregular astigmatism is due to the phenomenon of refractive error caused by the uneven surface of the cornea. Regular astigmatism refers to the replacement of the two main radial lines of the cornea perpendicular to each other, so that the refracted light cannot form the focal line of focus.

Eat cereals to avoid long-term high-temperature cooking

Eat cereals to avoid long-term high-temperature cooking

At present, most of the cereals sold on the market are instant, which is very convenient to eat, and it has undergone a high-temperature ripening process in processing, so the vitamin content of the cereal is reduced.

  Instant cereals can be divided into two types: original cereals and mixed cereals, depending on the main raw materials.

The former does not have strong wheat and fruity aromas, and it only gives off a hint of natural wheat.

When buying, be aware that flavored additives are likely to be added to the original cereals that are too rich.

In addition, the original cereal does not contain white sugar and salt, retaining most of the nutrients in the original wheat, especially beneficial to the body, more suitable for middle-aged, diabetic, people with high blood sugar and high blood lipids.

  Mixed cereals are usually added with milk powder, soy flour, walnuts and almonds.

Milk powder and soy flour effectively supplement the protein content of pure oatmeal. The oil content contained in walnuts and almonds greatly increases the energy conversion, but their common shortcoming is the addition of white sugar, which adds supplement.

This type is more suitable for people with higher energy needs such as children and adolescents.

  A very important nutrient for cereals is soluble supplemental fiber, which is mainly found in oat bran and has varying degrees of loss during processing.

When choosing cereals, pay attention to the total energy, impurities, soluble fiber and protein content of each small package or 100 grams.

The total energy is preferably not more than 350 kcal, the protein content is not more than 60%, the soluble doping fiber is not less than 8 g, and the protein content is about 10%.

Such cereals have low nutritional losses and a more balanced nutrition.

  One of the keys to eating cereals is to avoid long-term high-temperature cooking to prevent vitamins from being destroyed.

The longer the cereal is cooked, the sooner its nutrient loss will be.

  The correct way to eat cereal: raw oatmeal needs to cook for 20-30 minutes; cooked oatmeal takes 5 minutes; cooked oatmeal and milk together only take 3 minutes, the best stirring in the middle.

Choose the right time for drinking water and follow

Choose the right time for drinking water and follow

According to experts, the elderly do not drink water at night before going to bed, which can lead to plasma concentration, increased blood viscosity and hypercoagulability of plasma, which can promote thrombosis in vivo.

For the elderly or people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, drinking a glass of water before going to bed at night can prevent fatal infarction, so choosing the right time to drink water has many benefits for the body.

  Too many elderly people are not used to drinking water before going to bed, afraid to get up at night to urinate.

In fact, the elderly have atrophy of the bladder, the capacity is reduced, and it is necessary to start the night without drinking water.

The elderly have reduced systolic function due to hypertension, and there are many nighttime urinations, which leads to lack of water in the body, easy to make the blood thick, and the blood flow of the heart and brain increases, which is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

For the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, due to changes in the intima of the blood vessels, blood viscosity is high, and it is easy to form an expansive stroke, and the lack of water at night is even greater.

Therefore, drinking water in the middle of the night is very important.

  Drinking a glass of water after getting up can make the blood circulation normally, and prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

  Run water after running, exercise at least, add water, supplement the body to keep clean, but also help the liver detoxification and improvement of renal function and endocrine function, improve immune function, prevent colds, pharyngitis, arthritis and certain skindisease.

The 11 most important periods to prevent obesity

The 11 most important periods to prevent obesity

Obesity has become a public hazard.

Research by experts shows that human beings are faced with over ten critical periods, correctly understanding and doing a good job of preventing “fat” in a certain period of time, far less than the massive waste caused by weight loss.

  Mortality to 5 years old: This period is the most vigorous period of growth in life. If there is excess nutrition in pregnant women or young children, it will leave hidden dangers for future obesity.

In particular, the first week of the fetus from birth to the first year of birth is the most active breeding period of excess cells, and the number of unfortunate cells will increase for the rest of the life without reducing.

In the years to come, once the body builds up too much, these unfortunate cells will soon increase to cause obesity.

Studies have shown that children with high blood pressure have a relatively high risk factor for heart disease. Therefore, people often take pride in having a big “fat” kid, and the view that “the baby is getting fatter is better” is unscientific.

  Adolescence: girls 12-19 years old, boys 13-20 years old will enter adolescence, the body will undergo amazing changes, the internal organs are basically mature, during this period of normal development, the average annual weight gain can be about 5 kg, but thisIt is also the most prone to obesity during the period.

It is reported that 88% of women and 86% of men who are overweight in 10-13 years old will continue to be overweight by the age of 31.

More than 50% of adolescent obese adults will die from various diseases caused by obesity.

  Middle-aged and old people aged 50-65: During this period, physical activity is reduced. If you continue to maintain a strong appetite in youth, it will inevitably lead to the conversion of excess conversion into a small amount of sediment.

Some specific professionals, such as athletes, pilots, pilots and manual workers, will soon be redundant after the middle-aged and old people leave their jobs, because the amount of exercise is reduced and the amount of food is not reduced.

  Healthy recovery period: People often add a lot of nutritious food during the recovery period after the disease or during the rest period after blood transfusion. During this period, it is often easy to ignore the regularity of diet and become an intrusive period of obesity.

  Dinner: Many people eat breakfast very simply. They eat some working meals at noon at noon, but they are used to eating dinner very richly, sometimes even eating supper, but this is the most likely to cause obesity.

  Winter: Although the weather is cold, the basal metabolism of the human body has decreased, and there are too many alternative foods.

Therefore, if you don’t pay attention to proper exercise, you will be bothered by excessive winter and spring.

Newly-married: According to statistics, in the half year after the wedding, the weight of the bride and groom will increase by 3000-5000 grams.

This is because the new marriage has led to a significant reduction in outdoor activities and sports.

In addition, the foods absorbed after the wedding are often very rich, which create conditions for excessive.

  Repeated diet: too many people lose weight after dieting, and return to the original food consumption due to disappointment; or after using the diet food to achieve certain effects, did not continue to insist, will stop weight rebound after taking it.

  Promotion period: When people are in a high position, they will have to put on a few tables to celebrate. At the same time, new jobs will bring new pressure after the promotion, which will lead to more or less mental stress. Such factors will easily lead to weight gain.
  Lactation: Postpartum lactation is a dangerous period for women to “bless”, the most obvious change is chest and thigh weight.

The reason is that the mother is lazy to take care of the newborn and is lazy to other activities; the implant is the excess nutrients ingested.

According to statistics, 36% of obese women start to gain weight after childbirth.

  Smoking cessation period: About 85% of successful quitters will increase their weight by 5-7 kg, especially for women.

Experts suggest that during the smoking cessation period, you should refrain from the urge to eat snacks. It is best to change the three meals a day to more than one meal a day. Eat less each time. Regular meals can suppress fatigue.

Spring to eat some coarse grains to adjust the spleen and stomach

Spring to eat some coarse grains to adjust the spleen and stomach

Spring is the season in which children grow faster.

The faster you grow, the more nutrients you need. This is a challenge for children with weak spleen and stomach, so parents should pay attention to using the diet to regulate the spleen and stomach.

  Diet should be light, rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements and digestible foods, do not let children eat too much greasy barbecue mashed food.

Cooking, soup, porridge, sputum and other forms to facilitate digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach.

To give children more grains, such as millet has spleen and stomach effect, suitable for children with spleen and stomach heat, a layer of sticky “rice oil” on millet porridge is extremely rich in nutrition, which is very helpful for restoring digestion and absorption;Corn has spleen and dampness, appetizing and stimulating effect; glutinous rice has spleen and lung, clearing heat and dampness; soy bean has spleen and qi effect; red bean has spleen and blood, especially suitable for children with spleen deficiency and anemia.

  In addition, massage Zusanli has the effect of conditioning the spleen and stomach.

Parents give their children a foot massage for 10 feet a day?
15 minutes, the child’s digestive system can be vigorous.

For infants and young children, parents are advised to use the chiropractic method.

Parents stand on the right side of the child, let them prone, use both hands to pinch the skin on both sides of the spine, gradually move upward from the tail, pinch to the alignment, repeated more than ten times, twice a day.

Chiropractic has the effect of strengthening the spleen and helping digestion, which can improve appetite, reduce colds and enhance physical fitness.